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Who’s Behind G+B:

We Partner.

The meaning of the G and B is easy to understand when you know the co-founders are Taylor Greenleaf and James Burleson. But the meaning of the + isn’t as obvious. The + represents the company team, the glue that binds the firm together. We collaborate, bundling our skills – planning, analyzing, investing – to give you an expanded spectrum of ideas, options and services designed to make your life fuller.


When James Burleson, an options trader, met Taylor Greenleaf, a financial advisor,in the early 2000s, Taylor was transitioning from UBS/Paine Webber to a traditional financial planning practice in Sonoma, California. “Taylor had laid the first bricks, and we thought we could build a house together,” says James. The house they built was created not by commissions but by a common philosophy: independent advice. Leaving the establishment, they founded Greenleaf Burleson, an independent advisory firm based upon an open exchange of ideas and a commitment to client goals and ambitions.

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Our Stucture +

Our Structure